THE IMPORTANCE OFJust Tryingand to keep doing

Maybe it’s just me, or maybe its just the photography in itself – but there comes a point where things start to feel stagnant. You haven’t created, or worked on any project for some time and you start to feel yourself slipping away. Perhaps you’ve come across some really absolutely ridiculously amazing work and subconsciously compared it to your own now-self-proclaimed mediocre work. There’s so many things that can bring us down, as creatives, and the ladder to climb out of that rut is not always perfectly aligned with the exit.

Which is why “trying” is important. Which is why this whole topic revolves around that very word. Trying. Someone (probably famous and that I should know) once said “You can never fail. You can only succeed or learn”. Deep. I know. But true if you really think about it. Why should we hold back from trying something new, or different, or completely out-of-this world batshit crazy?

Some of the greatest things would not exist today if the person who created them didn’t try. And probably try and try and try, over and over again. I don’t know of anyone who nailed it right from the very first attempt (Im genuinely curious to know if there IS someone, so if you know – do let me know 🙂 ).

Now, the real reason why this blog post has left the vast abyss of my mind and landed up here on this digital paper is because it applied to me. I was lost. I had almost 0 inspiration from the things that used to inspire me. Until I decided to try something… new. Try a new form of photography, try a new technique, try mixing this with that, all of it. Sure, none of this stuff is really my portfolio work – nor is it something Im looking at monetising – but it’s still important to keep that flame up. Those juices flowing and that desire to keep bettering yourself.



STPblack Small



Double Exposure portrait of Shayne Thomas