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This post is not meant to be negative in any way, nor is it meant to put down Bavaria and over-praise Leipzig; but it is an honest one. Having grown up on a very multicultural island as well as spending a good few years on a very laid back, rustic island (Zanzibar), it’s safe to say that my whole upbringing has been around open mindedness, creativity, culture and art. We moved to Erlangen, Germany, in 2014 and everything was incredibly exciting. First time in Germany, learning the language, seeing how things work and experiencing things that are so normal to the locals – but so strange for me. Sure, I’ve most definitely learnt a lot. Thats true. But the problem started where we ended up with so much work, and so many excuses not to go out and explore Germany that my whole experience of this place ended up being this tiny, industrial, closed little town.

It starts to get to you (to me at least). Here, everything is in order, everything is clean, everything is to the books. Which is fine in it’s own way, and Bavaria itself is incredibly beautiful. But there was always something I was missing. Something that I felt I needed in order to feel a lot more at home here. And that’s what Leipzig did.

We spent a weekend in Leipzig; and my God, how different this place is. It is almost the exact opposite of Erlangen. Yes, it’s a bit “dirty” in some places & there’s enough Graffiti there to keep banksy entertained, but what I fell in love with was the whole lifestyle that was present in Leipzig. The bars, the cafe’s, the designs, the creativity – all on display on a single street. There’s man-made lakes with water sports, sailing, cafe’s & bars, live music & a young generation. There’s everything there that I actually wished we had. Leipzig opened my eyes to another side of Germany, and one that has inspired me to a point where both Melli & I are full of ideas on how we can make a plan to move up that side. We only spent a weekend there though – and it’s safe to say that we’d need to spend some more time there before any definite things are made.

With so much excitement, and inspiration – I didn’t feel photo’s would capture our experience as much as video – so, I attempted a sort of musical Vlog.

Have you been to Leipzig? Whats your absolute favourite place in Germany?

Incase you’re wondering what that fancy logo at the of the video is; it’s our (Mine & Melli’s) Wedding Photography. 

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