When Two WorldsCollide

For those of you who don’t know me personally ( which, I’m guessing is the majority of my followers – but thats ok 🙂 I’ve always liked meeting new people), you may not know that I’ve got my heart & my head focused on another aspect of photography. Wedding Photography.  Which is entirely the reason why I am not so active here or my facebook page. Let me tell you why though… and it’s really quite simple, even obvious.

The Wedding Photography industry is massive. Im not even joking, or exaggerating for that matter. It seems that every second person you meet that has a camera calls him or herself a photographer – and commonly, a wedding photographer. Statistically, there are 20,000+ wedding photographers just here in Germany. I mean, that’s insane! How on earth do you even begin to start getting your name known and stand out? Well… thats where focus comes into play. Wedding Photography is a full time job, and fortunately in our situation, I can afford to work as a Wedding Photographer full time.


It is an incredibly rewarding, yet heartbreakingly difficult industry to be in. You’re always working. You’re always bettering yourself and finding ways to improve not just in the photography, but in the customer experience, in the marketing, in the sales, in the way you write and how you write… There are so many variables that you need to be enhancing and tweaking in order to grow, and get out there into the world of known Wedding Photographers. It definitely is a journey and one that is just… awesome.


I never thought i’d be a wedding photographer to be honest. I never woke up one day and said “Hey, I want to shoot Weddings for the rest of my life”. No, not at all. I grew up on an island and my whole world was about the water, about surfing and diving. But, one thing that I loved that has stuck through into Wedding photography is the fact of working with people. And even more so, couples.

As much as I love my water sports, and my creative experiments that I do; there’s something so incredibly satisfying about creating gorgeous, heart-felt, images that don’t only show a couple, but express their love for each other. Yes yes, I am a romantic. Without a doubt. Being so focused in on this wedding photography has opened my eyes & my creativity to a whole new world.


But this is where things get… well, tough at times.

Sometimes  I miss my “old” work that I did. I miss the shoots I had in Zanzibar where I got to document the local life for an article in a Norwegian NGO magazine, to the hotels & touristic events that I got to cover. I miss the hours and hours spent on the water, in the waves, photographing surfers & kiters as they ride inches above my head (i know…). That has always, and will always, be special to me. I love getting to know our couples and having created a really special bond after our shooting together; but I also miss the bond & friendships from spending an entire day out in the waves with people who share the love of the ocean. Going to grab a few beers & street food after the salt has saturated our skin and we wind down as the sun sets.


The funny thing about all this is; as im writing this out – it’s like im reading it from someone else. In the back of my mind, i’m shouting advice at the author of this blog post. Though the advice is not even warranted. My missing of my old work is something that I am actually happy to feel. It means that those experiences were genuinely hooked on my heart. It’s something I won’t ever want to let go of because its nice to reminisce from time to time.

These two worlds, completely different from each other, collide in my life but not negatively. They collide with grace and they share a lot of similarities, and the differences are just as special.

I need to remind myself sometimes that this… this is not a good bye to my old photography or the things I love but cannot physically achieve whilst living (landlocked) in a tiny-ass little Bavarian town in Germany. No. Not at all. When opportunity presents itself, there’s always a way. That.. and simply going back for holidays & making the most of it 😉 easy peasy.

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