A creative memoryMawimbi ZanzibarAfrica

Music by Odesza (White Lies Instrumental)
Special Thanks to Aquaholics Zanzibar

Mawimbi (meaning “waves” in Swahili) is a project I did more for myself than anything. Coming from an island, and having lived in Zanzibar for 3 years of my life, there’s a strange but incredibly strong connection one grows when exposed to the ocean for so long. I love every second I’m in the water, and with this video, it was my way of showing the world just how it feels to me – to be amongst the surfers and in this aqua-wonder-world.

Brad & Steffi from Aquaholics Zanzibar run such an incredible surf school that genuinely cares about each and everyone of their customers. It’s the mentality like this that inspires me to create for them.

Adobe After Effects | Adobe Premiere | Color Grading & Compositing